Push for Self-Induced Abortion and OTC Availability of RU 486
An international pro-abortion tactic that advises women on how to self-induce abortion in illegal settings is receiving attention and extensive news coverage in the US with the launch of a new ‘counseling helpline’ by the organization Women Help Women (WHW) targeting women in the US. ...MORE

U.S. Stops Funding UNFPA
Long standing concerns regarding the support by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) for China’s coercive population control program have led President Trump to announce via a State department memo and letter to U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker that U.S. funding to UNFPA will end. ...MORE

World Down Syndrome Day 2017
The world is facing the loss of an entire group of people who are known for their joy, love and laughter. Today, March 21st, marks World Down Syndrome Day, celebrating the inherent value and abilities of individuals with Down syndrome (DS). ...MORE

Global Abortion Industry Seeks Funding and Support in Europe
The pro-life action of President Trump by reissuing and expanding the Mexico City Policy (MCP) has resulted in non-US organizations that perform or promote abortion choosing to continue their abortion work and to lose US funding estimated to nearly $600 million in population control funding and much more in overall health funding. ...MORE

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