Global Headlines Archive

2/6/2017 We need abortion to reach a ‘sustainable population’: top environmental activist
2/3/2017 Lennart Nilsson, photographer who revealed unborn life, dies at 94
2/3/2017 Utah Committee Approves Pro-Life Legislation to Ban Dangerous Webcam Abortions
2/2/2017 Women’s rights advocate: We have ‘unprecedented’ opportunity to end forced abortion in China
1/30/2017 UK: Calls to reduce abortion limit after 'miracle' twins survive birth at 23 weeks
1/27/2017 UK: Life Isle of Man prepares for fight against abortion on demand
1/26/2017 The Netherlands Wants to Set Up Its Own International Fund for Abortion Access
1/23/2017 Chinese Couples in Hong Kong are Using Prenatal Testing to Kill Girls in Sex-Selection Abortions
1/23/2017 President Trump Restores Mexico City Policy
1/20/2017 New US UN Ambassador Nominee Stands by Pro-Life Position at Confirmation Hearing
1/18/2017 Polish Doctor Persecuted for Refusing to Refer for Abortion
1/16/2017 Malaysia: MoH concerned over abortion pills
1/11/2017 Armenia raises alarm as abortions of girls skew population
1/7/2017 Pro-Life Congresswoman Introduces Bill to Defund Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz
1/4/2017 European Court of Human Rights Judge: “There is No Right to Assisted Suicide”
1/3/2017 Finland Set to Debate Legislation That Would Legalize Euthanasia
12/6/2016 Malawi Govt Says There Is No Abortion Bill As Hundreds Join 'March for Life'
11/17/2016 South Australia Defeats Assisted Suicide/Euthanasia Bill in Remarkable Turnaround
11/9/2016 Donald Trump Defeats Pro-Abortion Hillary Clinton in Massive Presidential Election Upset
11/9/2016 GOP keeps pro-life majorities in U.S. Senate and House
11/8/2016 Malawi: Catholic Church Reaffirm Their Stand Against Abortion - 'Every Person Is Precious'
11/7/2016 Poland Will Give Money to Families of Disabled Babies as a Thank You for Not Aborting Them
11/4/2016 Polish Parliament approves ‘pro-life’ bill funding women in difficult pregnancies
11/2/2016 Polish president in favour of more restrictive abortion laws
11/1/2016 Hungarian gvmt’s pro-life initiatives reduce abortions by nearly 25 percent
10/31/2016 UK: Down's blood test approved despite doctors' backlash: Campaigners fear it could lead to more terminations
10/28/2016 Will their heartbeats stop the violence?
10/25/2016 Ireland: Government parties block abortion bill vote amid fears it would split the Government
10/22/2016 Norway to allow foreign women to abort healthy twin
10/19/2016 Pro-Abortion Canadian MPs Oppose Bill to Protect Pregnant Women and Unborn Children From Violence
10/17/2016 UK lawmaker with a disability proposes bill banning abortions on babies with disabilities
10/15/2016 Sex-Selective Abortions Take A Toll In Azerbaijan
10/13/2016 Europe rejects legalization of surrogacy to protect children’s rights
10/12/2016 Famous Trapped Chilean Miners Reject Government Push to Legalize Abortion
10/10/2016 The Netherlands, compulsory contraception, and reverse democracy
10/7/2016 Thailand to allow abortions in cases of Zika-linked defects
10/6/2016 Senators slam US-funded OAS for pro-abort ‘cultural imperialism’ in South America
10/6/2016 New Report Shows 62 Million “Missing” Girls in China Thanks to Sex-Selection Abortions
10/4/2016 France plans ban on pro-life websites
9/30/2016 Taxpayers Shouldn't Fund Abortion, Make the Hyde Amendment Permanent
9/30/2016 The life-saving amendment
9/27/2016 Vatican to U.N.: No sustainable development without ‘absolute respect for life’ in ‘all its stages’
9/22/2016 Abortion remains a crime in San Marino
9/20/2016 Poland Proposes New Law Banning All Abortions and Protecting Unborn Children
9/19/2016 First child dies by euthanasia in Belgium
9/19/2016 Google cracks down on sex-determination sites to protect female fetuses from abortion in India
9/16/2016 Vote to legalize abortion in Republic of San Marino set for Tuesday
9/15/2016 Uganda: Gov’t refutes claims it plans to legalise abortion
9/12/2016 Ugandan Mufti joins Archbishop in condemning 'ungodly' abortion bill
9/8/2016 Rep. Black: HHS proposed rule another “backdoor maneuver” to benefit Planned Parenthood