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Date: 8/23/2018
Lancet Editorial: “Catholic Church v women’s rights in Argentina”
Lancet, a weekly peer-reviewed medical journal, described by Wikipedia as “among the world's oldest, most prestigious, and best known general medical journals” has increasingly demonstrated its pro-abortion bias as it continues its U.N recognized leadership on global health issues.

Date: 8/22/2018
Brazil: Supreme Court Hearing on Abortion
The Supreme Federal Court of Brazil held a public hearing on a case designed to result in the legalization of abortion for the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Date: 7/18/2018
Soros Funds International Abortion Conference in South Africa
The third Abortion & Reproductive Justice: The Unfinished Revolution conference took place in South Africa through funding from George Soros’ Open Society to pursue the overturning of laws against abortion around the world claiming that abortion is “reproductive justice” and the quest to obtain universal access to abortion equals a “revolution”.

Date: 6/25/2018
UN Working Group’s Attack on Pro-Life Values
The Working Group on Discrimination against Women in Law and in Practice, established by the Human Rights Council in 2011, issued its latest report and attacks what it labels an “alliance of conservative political ideologies and religious fundamentalisms,” that it charges is responsible for “unprecedented pushback” and “retrogressions” in the area of women’s rights “often in the name of culture, religion and traditions, and threaten the hard-fought progress in achieving women’s equality.”

Date: 6/15/2018
Deputies in Argentina Vote to Legalize Abortion with UN Support
The Chamber of Deputies was the scene of a 23 hour debate on abortion which resulted in a close 129-125 vote to legalize abortion on demand for the first 14 weeks of pregnancy; abortion is currently allowed in case of rape or when the life or health of the woman is at risk.

Date: 6/14/2018
Ireland: First Country to Vote for Legalized Abortion on Demand
Voters in Ireland approved a referendum to remove constitutional protection for unborn children by a vote of 66.4 percent in favor and 33.6 percent opposed.

Date: 5/8/2018
Pro-Abortion ‘Report’ to Be Launched
A report that promotes the destruction of unborn children through the violence of abortion will be released by the Guttmacher-Lancet Commission on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights on May 9 in South Africa, one of the few African nations that allows abortion on demand.

Date: 4/27/2018
Pro-Life Victory in El Salvador
A pro-life victory occurred in El Salvador yesterday, one of the strongest pro-life countries in the world, as anticipated votes on two bills to change the constitution and the criminal code to allow exceptions to abortion failed to materialize before Congress adjourned.

Date: 4/6/2018
UK: MP Group Calls for Increased Funding and Access to Abortion Globally
The U.K. All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Population, Development and Reproductive Health called on the U.K. government for increased funding of and access to abortion in developing countries and in the U.K. in a new ‘report’.

Date: 2/28/2018
#SheDecidesDay: Opposition to US Pro-Life Foreign Policy
Organizers of the abortion fund, SheDecides, are marking the one year anniversary of the first meeting of the so-called pro-abortion “Global Champions” on March 2, to rally support and celebrate SheDecides Day in a campaign that will last until March 8, International Women’s Day.

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