Pres. Biden Pledges to Defend Abortion but Cannot Say the Word
Tuesday, January 25, 2022
The White House released a statement on the 49 th anniversary of the Supreme
Court decision expressing the support of President Biden and Vice President Harris
for the Court action which has led to the deaths of 63.5 million unborn children in
the United States. Biden and Harris declare: “It is a right we believe should be
codified into law, and we pledge to defend it with every tool we possess.”
The 295-word statement fails to include the word “abortion” instead abortion is
referred to as “it”, “a constitutional right”, or “reproductive health care”. The
statement expresses Biden-Harris’ opposition to state laws against abortion
lamenting that the number of state legislative actions to protect unborn children
and their mothers from the violence of abortion are increasing “at an alarming
The duo expresses their concern that “access to reproductive health care is under
attack”—abortion— and that “state restrictions constrain the freedom of all
women”. They state that the “Biden-Harris Administration strongly supports efforts
to codify Roe, and we will continue to work with Congress on the Women’s Health
Protection Act” --the expansive bill otherwise known as the Abortion on
Demand Until Birth Act.
Biden-Harris equate access to abortion with the “progress of a nation” stating that
“the continued defense of this constitutional right is essential to our health, safety,
and progress as a nation”. The statement concludes, “At this pivotal moment, we
recommit to strengthening access to critical reproductive health care, defending the
constitutional right established by Roe, and protecting the freedom of all people to
build their own future.”
However, because of the actions and policies of Biden-Harris not “all people” will
not be able to “build their own future”—not all people will have a future. Millions of
unborn children in the U.S. and around the world will be denied life, freedom and a
future because of their actions.
They show no concern for the lives lost or for the women coerced into abortion
because of a lack of emotional or financial support. No consideration is given to
making abortion “rare”, instead they seek to expand the number of children whose
lives are ended through abortion.
Pro-abortion activists were not completely happy with the Biden-Harris statement.
The pro-abortion counter “Did Biden Say Abortion Yet” notes that the White House
statement did not use the word abortion and that it rarely appears in any Biden
statement. The group’s message to the President, “Say the word abortion, Joe!”
Likewise, the president and CEO of Ipas and the president of Global Justice Center,
wrote in an opinion article: “We also can’t ignore the president and his
administration’s refusal to say the word ‘abortion.’ This is no small matter. Not
using the word fuels stigma about abortion, and the president can’t credibly claim 
to be a champion of sexual and reproductive rights if he can’t even name a core
sexual and reproductive right.”
Biden’s refusal to use the word abortion is being watched and analyzed. There is
the thought that because of his Catholic faith, which he often speaks about, Biden
does not want to use the word highlighting his disagreement with a core Catholic
belief in the sanctity of life.
Having held a number of pro-life postitions during his political career in the Senate,
Biden knows the truth about abortion. He supported a drive for a constitutional
amendment to allow states to overturn Roe, before he opposed it. He supported the
Hyde Amendment prohibiting the use of taxpayer funds for abortion for decades
before changing his position in 2019 when seeking the Democratic presidential
While pro-abortion organizations and activists want President Biden to “Say the
word, abortion, Joe!”, pro-life advocates want President Biden to “Love them both!”