Global Headlines Archive

5/12/2021 Northern Ireland: Bill to amend law to prevent abortions against UK’s international human rights law, MLAs told
5/11/2021 Gibraltar: Referendum Bill passed unanimously in Parliament
5/7/2021 Dominican Republic Pushes Back Decriminalizing Abortion
5/6/2021 SA's Legislative Council passes voluntary euthanasia bill, Lower House to have the final vote
5/3/2021 13 States Have Passed 61 Pro-Life Bills This Year to Save Babies From Abortion
4/30/2021 India Kills 22 Million Girl Babies in Sex-Selection Abortions, Where are the Feminists?
4/29/2021 Ecuador court decriminalises abortion in rape cases
4/28/2021 MPs vote to give NI minister new powers to impose expanded abortion despite strong criticism in debate
4/26/2021 UK: Parliamentary group formed to protect us against euthanasia
4/23/2021 New appeal by South Korean Bishops to protect life
4/20/2021 Mexico’s president halts push for abortion legalization, gender ideology
4/19/2021 Wyoming Governor Signs Pro-Life Law to Protect Pregnant Women and Unborn Children
4/19/2021 Euthanasia fails again in Colombian congress
4/16/2021 EU: Debate on Faroese abortion legislation
4/15/2021 Ohio can enforce ban on Down syndrome abortions - U.S. appeals court
4/14/2021 France: Euthanasia bill fails
4/12/2021 ‘Dignity in dying’ legislation fails in France and Latvia
4/9/2021 Church in France opposes bill to legalize euthanasia
4/5/2021 France assisted dying bill blocked by 5 centre-right party MPs
4/1/2021 Euthanasia proposal shot down in Latvian parliament
3/31/2021 Mexican state bolsters protections for pregnant women, unborn children
3/31/2021 Number of abortions in Russia drops by close to 40% over course of five years, as fall in birth rate levels off, deputy PM reveals
3/30/2021 Costa Rica deputy stages parliament sit-in to protest abortion bill
3/29/2021 Nepal experiences increasing epidemic of missing girls from sex-selective abortion
3/26/2021 UK: Large turnout of MPs hear evidence from experts on dangers of DIY abortions
3/25/2021 Judge in Argentine province declares abortion law unconstitutional
3/24/2021 UK government moves to compel Northern Ireland to expand abortion services
3/22/2021 Malawi: Abortion-up-to-birth bill rejected
3/19/2021 Canada: House of Commons passes Bill C-7 opening assisted death to the mentally ill
3/18/2021 India Parliament Passes Bill Legalizing Killing Babies in Abortions Up to 24 Weeks
3/16/2021 Northern Ireland: 48:12 – Bill to stop abortion for disabilities including Down’s syndrome passes Second Stage
3/16/2021 Top Portugal court nixes euthanasia law, says it’s imprecise
3/11/2021 Malawi: MPs Block Debate of Bill to Ease Malawi's Strict Abortion Law
3/6/2021 Tasmania's House of Assembly passes Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill
3/4/2021 Australia: Bill launched to protect babies born alive after failed abortion
3/3/2021 1,500 people with Down’s syndrome and their families call for end to abortion up to birth for Down’s syndrome in Northern Ireland
2/26/2021 Malawi MPs debate bill to liberalise abortion laws as churches oppose
2/24/2021 20th Texas City Bans Abortions, Becomes “Sanctuary for the Unborn”
2/18/2021 Abortion decriminalisation bill debated in SA Parliament after weeks of community discussion
2/16/2021 Bid to repeal aspect of North’s abortion laws tabled at Stormont
2/12/2021 Africans Plead With Joe Biden to Stop Using American Tax Dollars to Kill Their Babies in Abortions
2/9/2021 Pope Francis Condemns Abortion: We Must Protect Unborn Babies “From Conception in the Womb”
2/8/2021 MP calls out UK Government for imposing sex-selective abortion on Northern Ireland
2/3/2021 Argentina judge blocks new abortion law from taking effect in northern province
2/1/2021 UK: Govt going ahead with Down’s syndrome screening rollout despite likely increase in abortions
1/30/2021 Portugal’s Parliament votes to legalize euthanasia
1/28/2021 Joe Biden Signs Executive Order Forcing Americans to Fund Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz
1/27/2021 Thai Catholics campaign against legalizing abortion
1/26/2021 African social activist speaks out against US return to targeting developing nations with abortion funding
1/25/2021 Joe Biden Celebrates Roe vs. Wade Decision That Has Killed 62 Million Babies in Abortions