Global Headlines Archive

10/24/2022 French Senate Defeats Bill to Make Killing Babies in Abortions a Constitutional Right
10/20/2022 UK: Bill hijacked to introduce abortion buffer zones
10/18/2022 Biden pledges law on abortion rights if Democrats keep Congress
10/12/2022 Stop “pressuring eSwatini to legalize abortion”, Catholic Activists Petition Advocacy Body
10/6/2022 Most Surgical Abortions in S. Korea Conducted Illegally: Lawmaker
10/3/2022 Korea: Campaign of prayer for life, raising awareness to avoid abortion
9/30/2022 Africa: Safe abortion: New calls for full decriminalisation
9/27/2022 Italy Elects First Woman Prime Minister, She’s Pro-Life and Pro-Family
9/26/2022 UK: Thousands take part in minute of silence to commemorate 10 million lives lost to abortion
9/26/2022 Uganda rejects UN definition of abortion as a human right
9/23/2022 Republicans Unveil “Commitment to America” Plan, Which Includes Protecting Babies From Abortion
9/22/2022 Swiss pro-life politician introduces new ‘sleep on it’ abortion proposal
9/21/2022 Thousands join March for Life in Berlin
9/20/2022 Thousands of pro-lifers March for Life in Dublin, Ireland
9/19/2022 Poland's March for Life and Family draws 10,000 people
9/15/2022 Illegal abortion death stats in Mexico were ‘inflated’, admits pro-abortion leader
9/13/2022 Feminist admits how we "inflated the numbers" to decriminalize abortion in Mexico
9/12/2022 Delegations Accuse Japan, Sierra Leone, and Western Powers of Manipulating UN Debate
9/8/2022 New UK health secretary faces pressure over abortion stance
9/7/2022 Record numbers attend UK March for Life in London
9/6/2022 "Democracy has won," says Bishop after widespread rejection of new Constitution in Chile
9/2/2022 Vote against UN Attempt to Legalize “safe abortion”: Catholic Activists to African Nations
9/1/2022 German Court Rules Pro-Life People Have a Right to Pray Outside Abortion Businesses
8/30/2022 Precious Life condemn UK Government for allowing babies to be killed by abortion in their own homes.
8/26/2022 ​Idaho, Tennessee, and Texas trigger laws protecting preborn children now in effect
8/22/2022 Petro Government Withdraws Colombia from Important International Pro-Life Declaration
8/19/2022 China to discourage abortions to boost low birth rate
8/18/2022 AU: Victoria will not expand abortion services
8/15/2022 Ireland plans to penalize pro-lifers for praying outside abortion facilities
8/6/2022 Japanese pro-lifers take part in Tokyo March for Life as abortion toll nears 40 million babies
8/3/2022 Michigan Court Rules Prosecutors Can Enforce Abortion Ban, Protect Babies From Abortions
6/13/2022 Conscientious objection ‘may become indefensible’ according to new WHO guidance
6/9/2022 More than 90,000 people reject "radical reform" of abortion law in Spain
6/8/2022 Catholic bishops’ commission: EU parliament resolution on US abortion law is ‘unacceptable interference’
6/7/2022 Louisiana lawmakers pass two bills protecting preborn children
6/6/2022 Japan set to approve abortion pill, but abortion advocates aren’t happy
6/2/2022 An interview with Dr. Alveda King: Human lives matter, from the womb to the tomb
6/1/2022 MP tables amendment to introduce up to 2-year jail term for offering support to women outside abortion clinics
5/31/2022 Abortion does not protect women from needless death or injury, Ethiopian abortion data shows
5/24/2022 Pope Francis Condemns Abortion: “Life is a Gift From God”
5/22/2022 Green MSP launches Bill to introduce up to 2 years’ jail term for offering support to women outside abortion clinics in Scotland
5/20/2022 AU: Voluntary assisted dying is now legal in NSW after MPs vote in favour of euthanasia laws
5/16/2022 Colombia Signs Pro-Life Declaration Rejecting "Right" to Abortion
5/13/2022 Early at-home abortions will continue in Scotland
5/12/2022 Colombia legalizes assisted suicide in historic ruling
5/6/2022 Pro-life group warns against introducing abortion clinic buffer zones in Scotland
5/1/2022 UK Govt. promotes abortion at UN General Assembly
4/26/2022 New proposal in Italy would provide financial help to 100 abortion-vulnerable women
4/25/2022 Bishop of Paraguay calls on authorities to defend and promote families
4/22/2022 Guam Bill Would Ban Abortions on Unborn Babies With Beating Hearts