Global Headlines Archive

12/2/2021 Bill to ban sex-selective abortion introduced to NSW Parliament
12/1/2021 Australia: NT abortion reforms pass unopposed
11/30/2021 Chile legislature defeats bill that would have permitted elective abortion
11/30/2021 Portugal's president vetoes law legalising euthanasia
11/24/2021 UK: Significant pro-life victory – Attempt to introduce extreme changes to abortion law fails
11/20/2021 Colombian Congress rejects euthanasia bill
11/19/2021 MPs propose major changes to UK abortion laws
11/17/2021 Colombian Congress rejects euthanasia bill
11/16/2021 Slovakia: Pro-life law change lost by just one vote
11/12/2021 Slovakia narrowly rejects proposed law restricting access to abortion
11/11/2021 EP calls on Poland to retract abortion ban
11/10/2021 Slovakia’s Parliament Debates Pro-Life Bill
11/9/2021 Portugal’s parliament votes to legalize euthanasia, again
11/8/2021 Pro-Life Doctors Launch Campaign Promoting ‘Abortion-Pill Reversal’
11/7/2021 End of Life Choice Act takes effect in New Zealand
11/5/2021 Portugal's parliament backs revised bill allowing euthanasia
11/4/2021 Scotland: Women’s health minister rejects call to ban protests outside abortion clinics
10/30/2021 India: New abortion rules recognise minors as vulnerable, seek to make services more accessible to them
10/29/2021 Northern Ireland: Disability abortion bill passes Committee Stage with over 99% of submissions in support of law change
10/27/2021 Namibia: Church Calls for Referendum On Abortion
10/25/2021 UK: Assisted suicide Bill fails to go to vote after over 60 Peers speak in opposition in 7-hour debate
10/23/2021 Supreme Court Rules Texas Abortion Ban Can Keep Saving Babies From Abortions
10/22/2021 El Salvador Congress Upholds Total Abortion Ban
10/19/2021 The Hill: Senate Democrats ditch Hyde amendment for first time in decades
10/15/2021 Appeals court refuses Biden Administration’s request to block Texas Heartbeat Act
10/13/2021 Catholic Bishop Slams Biden on Abortion: If You Claim You’re a “Devout Catholic” Then Act Like It
10/12/2021 Breaking: Guatemala Joins Pro-Life Geneva Consensus Declaration
10/7/2021 Chilean legislators advance bill to decriminalize abortion
10/6/2021 Record 106 Pro-Life Laws Have Already Been Passed in 2021 Saving Babies From Abortion
10/6/2021 Federal judge temporarily blocks Texas Heartbeat Act
10/4/2021 Hundreds of thousands attend march 'for women and for life' in Mexico City
10/1/2021 Pro-life leaders slam decision to halt Texas’ ‘heartbeat’ law
9/27/2021 San Marino votes to legalize abortion
9/24/2021 Russia Announces Plan To Halve Abortion Rates To Spur Population Growth
9/22/2021 Spain's lower house advances bill that would criminalize pro-life witness near abortion clinics
9/18/2021 Salvadoran president urged to oppose proposed pro-abortion constitutional changes
9/17/2021 Doctors from countries where assisted suicide legalised tell MPs of dangers of introducing it to the UK
9/16/2021 Queensland parliament passes voluntary-assisted dying legislation that goes further than other jurisdictions
9/15/2021 Hundreds of Australians protest “dangerous” euthanasia bill in Queensland
9/13/2021 Guam opens door to telemed abortion pill distribution from Hawaii
9/9/2021 Pro-Life Christians Pray, Rally Against Mexico Ruling Decriminalizing Abortion
9/7/2021 CAN: We must refuse to accept sex-selective abortion
9/6/2021 Pope: Euthanasia legislation in Europe is sign of 'throwaway culture'
9/2/2021 U.S. Supreme Court refuses to block Texas abortion law
9/1/2021 Texas becomes first state ever to enforce ‘heartbeat law’
8/31/2021 Australian pro-lifers to march against proposed assisted suicide law
8/30/2021 Scottish Government announces plans to vastly increase number of late-term abortion services
8/26/2021 World Health Organization targets pro-life laws as barriers to “safe abortion”
8/24/2021 Spanish prolifers urge publication of 2010 Constitional Court ruling on abortion law
8/21/2021 China Implements Three-Child Policy. Will Still Force Women to Have Abortions, Fine Couples