Small Voices Making Large Impact on Capitol Hill
Monday, September 9, 2013

Chloe and Alex with Rep. Trent Franks

Countless amounts of money are spent in efforts to promote favored laws and policies in countries around the world and to bring lawmakers into agreement on issues. This is most evident in the funding invested in pro-abortion tactics and strategies.


Yet, a recent lobby effort on Capitol Hill demonstrated the priceless value of smiles, giggles and laughter as special child ambassadors for children with Down syndrome and their families visited lawmakers to celebrate the life of each and every child. 


Lawmakers greatly benefited from visits by two young lobbyists, Chloe and Alex, whose very presence demonstrated the preciousness and dignity of life, regardless of disability or perceived "imperfection". The children were living witness of the loving uniqueness of children with Down syndrome whose lives are too often misunderstood and considered expendable in eugenic abortions. 


The stark reality that ninety percent of unborn babies diagnosed with trisomy 21 are aborted moved Chloe's father, former police officer Kurt Kondrich, to work with Early Intervention Specialists, an organization that offers support to couples facing a diagnosis of Down syndrome. This past year, three couples chose life for their babies diagnosed with trisomy 21 after visiting with Chloe.


Chloe has touched the lives of many by her loving witness and special ability to melt hearts and inspire many, including lawmakers. In Washington, D.C., Chloe and her friend Alex, and their families, met with several Members of Congress, warming the hearts of the lawmakers and encouraging their efforts to oppose eugenic abortion, especially those based on a diagnosis of Down syndrome.


Kurt Kondrich described the visit, "... they showed their ABILITIES and what irreplaceable blessings children with Down syndrome are to a lost culture that has embraced "termination of life" as a 'choice.'"


The lawmakers were clearly touched and inspired by the young visitors. 


Chloe was also featured in a video by Field of Miracles which won a regional Emmy Award for the episode Going to Bat for Down Syndrome which featured Chloe and third baseman for the Pittsburgh Pirates, Andy LaRoche.  


The advocacy work of Chloe and her friends is best described as, "The smallest voices making the largest impact."    


Chloe with Rep Chris Smith