Parliamentary Network E-News

Volume 14
No. 6
September, 2020

President Trump- Saving Lives Before and After Birth

The second review of the Trump administration’s Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance (PLGHA) Policy details the U.S. commitment to protect all lives around the world, born and unborn, as the world’s largest health donor country with total global health funding for this year of $11.2 billion. PLGHA prevents American taxpayers’ dollar from funding abortion-performing or abortion-promoting international organizations.
The review reveals that two of the largest performers of abortion in the world—International Planned Parenthood (IPPF) and Marie Stopes International (MSI)—refused to comply with the pro-life policy and no longer receive U.S. funding. IPPF states a loss of $100,000,000 in U.S. funding as a result of the PLGHA policy.
They were joined by only six other prime awardees for U.S. health grants in refusing to abide by the U.S. pro-life policy and declining U.S. grant money out of a total of 1,340 total prime awardees. 98.8% of USAID prime global health awards accepted the no abortion performance or promotion terms of PLGHA.
A number of affiliates of IPPF and MSI operating in Sub-Saharan Africa, sub-grantees of U.S. assistance, also declined to accept the terms of the Policy choosing the destruction of life over U.S. funding.
The report reveals that the pro-life words of President Trump—as delivered to the UN General Assembly last year—are matched by pro-life actions. President Trump said, Americans will also never tire of defending innocent life…we in America believe that every child — born and unborn — is a sacred gift from God.”
The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) Pro-Life Chairman
Archbishop Joseph Naumann of Kansas City issued a statement praising the Trump administration following the release of the report.
 “The Trump Administration deserves our praise for ensuring that U.S. global health assistance funding actually promotes health and human rights, and doesn’t undermine them by promoting abortion,” said Archbishop Naumann.
He continued, “Killing innocent and defenseless unborn children through abortion is not health care. Abortion violates an unborn child’s most basic human right, the right to life, and it also can wound the mother emotionally and physically. Americans recognize this injustice and an overwhelming majority of them oppose giving tax dollars to organizations that are more committed to promoting abortion than providing health services.”

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