Parliamentary Network E-News

Volume 14
No. 5
July, 2020

Northern Ireland Says No, UK Votes Yes to Impose Abortion Law

The UK parliament has voted to approve the imposition of abortion upon Northern Ireland, with both houses approving a bill to legalize abortion on demand in the first trimester, up to 24 weeks in cases of the mother's physical or mental health, and up to birth for fetal anomaly, including Down syndrome. The House of Lords approved the bill by a vote of 255 to 136 and by 253 to 136 in the House of Commons.
The parliamentarians' vote to push abortion on the country completely disregarded a vote by the Northern Ireland Assembly earlier in the month rejecting the UK law. They also ignored arguments of disability activists led by Heidi Crowter who argued the law would discriminate against persons with Down syndrome.
"Despite the efforts of tens of thousands of Northern Irish people, MLAs, Northern Irish MPs and pro-life campaigners, like Heidi Crowter, the U.K. Government's extreme abortion legislation continues to be in place as a result of today's vote," said Catherine Robinson, a spokesperson for the group Right to Life UK.

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