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Volume 14
No. 4
June, 2020

What Pro-Abortionists Seek on State Level During the COVID-19

Pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute has drawn up a list of what state lawmakers can do to enable access to abortion during the COVID-19 pandemic while stating that lawsuits have been filed in nine states to ensure access to abortion and stop the closure of abortion clinics as non-essential.
It explains that as of May 8, "only two states, Massachusetts and New Jersey, have explicitly exempted abortion services from stay-at-home orders as essential health care. In other states-such as Delaware, Hawaii, New York and Oregon-attorneys general have publicly clarified that their state's order exempts abortion." 
It continues, "Some states, such as New Mexico and Washington, are shoring up access to comprehensive family planning services by designating the "full suite of family planning services" as essential. Other states, like Illinois and Montana, have designated reproductive health providers more broadly as essential, and California's Department of Health provided guidance to continue pregnancy-related services for Medi-Cal beneficiaries "during these unprecedented times."
The long list of advice for policymakers to ensure access to abortion begins with "Include reproductive health services as essential". Other policies suggestions include removal of waiting periods, counseling requirements, parental involvement, telemedicine bans, physicians-only requirements, and laws against self-induced abortion. It recommends that public health clinics, including family planning providers, be enabled to screen and test people for COVID-19 using family planning funds for coronavirus response; require private and public health insurance coverage of telehealth, without cost sharing, for abortion; limit the ability of health care providers and institutions to refuse to provide care and enforce laws that prohibit discrimination in health care; and require providers to facilitate patient care by another provider if they object.
Guttmacher sees the use of telemedicine and other ways to access abortion, including the use of abortion-inducing drugs, that have been increasingly used during the pandemic as "a new reality". It claims that policymakers at the state level "have the responsibility to support these efforts and use the tools at their disposal to ensure that sexual and reproductive health care is accessible and available to all who need it."
Guttmacher's claims it recommendations "provide a solid foundation for the provision of care now and beyond this pandemic."

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