Parliamentary Network E-News

Volume 14
No. 4
June, 2020

Pro Aborts Seek to Secure Abortion Gains during COVID-19

The International Campaign for Women's Right to Safe Abortion states on its Facebook page:"The Covid-19 pandemic could help to make positive changes in seeking and having an abortion a reality - by moving abortion provision into a virtual space along with so much other health care provision, not only as a consequence of Covid-19 but also because it is technically possible and has been for a long time. Safe abortion in women's hands!!"
The organization explains, "We have been trying to put the abortion decision into women's hands for 100 years now, ever since Alexandra Kollantai convinced Lenin to pass the first legal abortion law. It's been more than 30 years since Canada took abortion out of the law altogether, without a moment's regret since. It's been more than 30 years since we have been able to put the means of abortion into the hands of the one who is pregnant - abortion with pills. Abortion pills. Approved in France in 1988: defined as the property of women."
The Campaign for Abortion's view that abortion belongs solely in the hands of women is the theme for its day of abortion activism on September 28 as stated on Facebook:
We chose the #IManageMyAbortion theme for #28Sep  #InternationalDayofSafeAbortion2020 because it pushes the envelope.
"Abortion is very safe. It rarely needs a senior doctor. It rarely needs a tertiary hospital or a hospital at all. It doesn't need an anaesthetic, though it does need pain relief. It doesn't need an overnight stay - or three visits to the doctor to check if you really know what you want. It doesn't need scans or tests, before or after, certainly not routinely. And it doesn't need someone watching you go through it, unless you want them to be there with you. It's one of the safest known medical procedures and among the most common. One in every four pregnancies ends in abortion, and even so, there are 7.8 billion of us on this planet. It's time to open the window and let in some fresh air, to wake up in the present and meet the future. Abortion with pills can be very early - as soon as you miss your period - it's simple and safe!"

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In this Issue

In This Issue: 
Focus on the United Nations
US Urges UN Secretary General to Focus on Life-saving, not Abortion
Trump Administration to WHO Assembly: "There is no right to abortion"
UN "Experts" Object to US States' Right to Decide Abortion Policy
Group Advancing Abortion in Crises Opposes USAID Letter  
Pro-Abortion NGOs Oppose US Letter Against Abortion
International Pressure for Abortion
Former UN Deputy Human Rights Commissioner Heading IPPF Board
What Pro-Abortionists Seeks on State Level During the COVID-19
Pro Aborts Seek to Secure Abortion Gains
Latin America and Caribbean: IPPF Demands for Women during COVID-19 Pandemic
Legislative News
UK: Legislation to Ban Abortions for Minor Disabilities
Mexico: States Advance Pro-Life Initiatives, Block Pro-Abortions
Executive News
NI: UK Will Exert as Much Power as Needed to Enforce Abortion Law
Argentina: President Remains Determined to Legalize Abortion
Judicial News
UK: Court Approves DIY Abortions During COVID-19 Lockdown
ACOG and ACLU Sue FDA to Make Abortion Pills Available
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