Parliamentary Network E-News

Volume 14
No. 1
February, 2020

Colombia: Challenge to Legal Abortion

The Constitutional Court of Colombia is reviewing two lawsuits that challenge the 2006 legalization of abortion for limited exceptions and the 2018 ruling which affirmed the 2006 decision and declared abortion to be a "human right". The 2018 ruling also instructed the government to issue regulations defining the legal circumstances for abortions to be performed. The challenges seek to "achieve equal rights for the unborn" according to Natalia Bernal Cano, a doctor of constitutional law and researcher on the risks posed by abortion to the life and health of women and children, who filed the cases.
Bernal seeks to recognize the unborn as having human rights and to completely ban abortion on the grounds that it "does serious harm to the babies and the pregnant mothers". Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health is currently working on developing the Court-ordered abortion regulations.

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