Parliamentary Network E-News

Volume 14
No. 1
February, 2020

European Funding for Abortion, Fears over US Pro-Life Administration

New analysis by a consortium of European pro-abortion organizations known as Countdown 2030 Europe, which includes abortion giant IPPF- the "European Donor Support to Sexual & Reproductive Health & Family Planning: Trends Analysis 2018-19"-shows increased or maintained funding for sexual and reproductive health and family planning (SRH/FP) by 10 donor countries in Europe, out of the 12 reviewed.
Combined together, all 12 countries gave an estimated 845 million Euros 
[$933,260,292.37] to SRH/FP for 2018. It reveals that the UK, Norway, the Netherlands and Sweden were the largest donors and the greatest percentage increase in funding was by Ireland with an increase of 50%, followed by Spain with 42% increase.
Countdown 2030 expresses its concern that President Trump will be re-elected ensuring continuation of his Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance policy (PLGHA): "...should the current administration win another term, the Global Gag Rule will continue to impact SRH/FP funding worldwide." Likewise, concern over the impact of Brexit on EU policy and funding is expressed as well as over "the expansion of right-wing populist movements in Europe" which it describes as leading to increased opposition to SRHR in Europe.
The analysis states: "We stand at a critical moment in European history with a new populist rhetoric of fear, national self-interest and conservatism. Opponents to SRHR use inflammatory language and umbrella terms such 'gender ideology' to lump women's empowerment, feminism, secularism and SRHR issues together."
Countdown 2030 Europe plans to use upcoming UN events, including CSW, to "ensure Europe remains a strong supporter for these issues worldwide".
It notes that contributions from countries to SheDecides, the abortion fund set up by the Netherlands in response to President Trump's PLGHA policy, stating, "By 2018, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden had allocated over 84 million Euros [$92,773,804.21] to SheDecides and in that same year, France and Germany joined the movement."

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