Pro-abortion Organization Attacks African Churches for Pro-Life Stand

A conference promoting abortion in Africa was recently held in Ghana organized by the radical US pro-abortion organization, Ipas, with support from Ghana’s health ministry.  Abortion was presented under the guise of reducing maternal deaths and pro-life lawmakers and religious leaders were criticized for their stands to defend the lives of preborn children.

Dr. Eunice Brookman-Amissah, Ipas vice-president for Africa and a former health minister in Ghana criticized religious beliefs which respect the inherent value of human life and attempted to cast religious values in a negative light by referring to religious opposition to abortion as a problem resulting from a “resurgence in religious fundamentalism”.

Ipas and other pro-abortion organizations know that religious and cultural values that protect the unborn child from abortion are powerful and in many countries prevent the advance of legal abortion. The global pro-abortion lobby increasingly resorts to efforts to portray pro-life religious leaders in a negative way.

Churches which have publically opposed attempts to increase access to abortion in recent years in Kenya, Nigeria and Uganda were accused of having a “stranglehold” on lawmakers by the Ipas official. Attempts were made to negate the recent successful efforts by African churches to stand up for the rights of unborn children by falsely charging that such pro-life campaigns were funded and guided by US Christian organizations. 

Anyone working on pro-life issues internationally knows that African values respect the preciousness of life and laws protect unborn children from the violence of abortion.  Any attempt to introduce the western concept of legalized abortion into African culture is viewed by many Africans as the ultimate action resulting from western imperialism; an elitist view that is willing to sacrifice the lives of African children in the name of population control and development.

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